Misperceptions About OCD in Children

Understand Your Child's OCD. Learn the Facts.


Do you watch your child do irrational behaviors over and over again?

Does OCD slow down your home and make the entire family dysfunctional?

Are you walking on eggshells trying not to trigger your child’s OCD?

Do you second guess how you are supposed to parent a child with OCD?

Should you allow them to do their rituals?

Should you participate in their compulsions?

What is your role in their treatment?

Childhood OCD is one of the most misunderstood disorders.

Learn the facts and help your kids.


Why do they do that?

Do you wonder...

how can your child be afraid of germs

but repetitively lick his hands?

or believe touching something three times

will prevent him from dying?

Join the club.

OCD doesn’t make sense.

In this online class, I will teach you

how to get OCD.

You will understand how it works and...

how you play a key role in defeating it.

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"Being a Child Therapist, there are times when it is helpful to reach out to other professionals as a resource. Natasha Daniels is always my go to person when it comes to anxiety and OCD questions. Natasha's ability to assess a child for anxiety and her knowledge of possible interventions has made her a valuable resource to therapists and families."

-Sandie Miller, LCSW Child Therapist

"Natasha provides sound advice and methods that work. Our family has gained sanity in a world that, before receiving her help, was out of control. I feel as though I have someone in my corner who understands the daily struggles of being a parent to an anxious child and is there to help."

-Caren, mother of two


Your Instructor

Natasha Daniels
Natasha Daniels

Meet Natasha Daniels, your instructor…

Natasha Daniels is a licensed child anxiety & OCD therapist with over 20 years experience. She has received advanced training and consultation through the International OCD Foundation and the BTTI. She is also the mom to three kids with anxiety and OCD.

Natasha provides global online resources to parents raising kids with anxiety and OCD. Her AT Parenting Survival Podcast is listed as a top-100 parenting podcast in the US, Canada and the UK. Over 1.2 million parents visit her website each year.

please note: This class is for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a local mental health professional.

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