Introduction to the Course

This class is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a mental health professional. It is recommended that you seek out a mental health professional to help you navigate through the skills you will learn in this class.

How to Navigate through this Class:

I strongly encourage you to go through these lessons in sequential order. The lessons build upon each other and are placed in this order on purpose. Even if you feel a lesson does not speak to your child's issues, you might be missing a component of the class.

Each lesson is a video. I encourage you to turn off your phone and other apps that might distract you from the class. As you go through the class, you might want to have a notebook to jot down notes. You can always replay lessons as often as you need to. You will have lifetime access to this class. When done with a lesson hit the button "complete and continue" in the right hand corner of the page. You can alway go back and view lessons, even after hitting that button.

If you want to take this class on the go - download the Teachable mobile app. It will make it easier to navigate on mobile devices.

Some parents ask if these lessons are appropriate to watch with their children. I will leave that at the discretion of each parent. I made these lessons for parents, not for children, however older children might benefit from watching them as well. I would encourage you to watch each lesson alone first to assess the appropriateness for your particular child.

Some classes will include handouts and worksheets that you can print out. There will also be resources and additional videos to supplement your learning in some lessons.

Young Children:

This class was designed for all ages. Even if you have a very young child, what you will learn in this class will help you be proactive and will arm you with skills and information you will need to help your child as they get older. Early help is key in crushing OCD. There will be a lesson at the end of Part 7 that will directly address how to adapt the skills I teach for very young children. Don't miss that!


There is a comment section at the end of each lesson. This is there to offer you ongoing support and guidance. I no longer respond to emails as I receive too many. It is a great place to post any questions or comments you may have. Please be aware that ALL students can see your comments. Any comment that is not respectful, will be deleted. We are here to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Leaving a comment in the comment section can be helpful, as other people may have the same question or insight as you do.


Join my membership AT Parenting Community, where you’ll get my ongoing support along with other parents in similar situations. We have monthly support group calls for kids and teens as well as a Buddy Program to connect kids with other kids with similar struggles. The AT Parenting Community only opens a few times a year. But as a student you can use this special link to join now: Click here to join.

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